An Active Couple Makes the Most of Their Investment While Enjoying the Benefits of OfferPad

Harold and Viviane Campbell moved to Arizona six years ago in search of a great value on a home and the opportunity to explore the rugged beauty of the Sonoran Desert. Prior to relocating, Viviane, an analyst for the government, and Harold, a church consultant and missionary, had been friends for years. Despite geographical differences, they would stay in touch and eventually get married.

What brought you to Arizona?

(Viviane) I was living Sacramento. Harold and I first met each other at church and became friends. Even though we lived in different places, we always stayed in touch. After we both moved here, we got married.

(Harold) I was living in Southern California. Viviane moved here before me, so her being here is what brought me here! We’re remarried and we’re empty-nesters. We have six kids between the two of us—all of them grown and out of the house—so we can live just about anywhere.

What do you enjoy about living in the Phoenix area?

(V) I do miss the culture and the weather in California, but I think there’s a larger sense of community here. You get a much better value on a home and it’s a simpler place to live.

(H) We love the outdoors. We really like to get out and go hiking. There are so many beautiful mountains and parks around this region to hike and that’s what we enjoy doing. Papago Park and Usery Pass are some of our favorite places to go.

You originally bought a home in Queen Creek. What drew you to that area?

(H) We bought the Queen Creek house because of the value it offered; the property values were rising, and we felt it was a good investment. As it turns out, we bought at a very good time and it ended up serving us well.

What prompted you to want to sell the home?

(V) I work in downtown Phoenix, which was a commute from Queen Creek. We decided to move to an area closer to my job. Also, we had a two-story house and we wanted a single story.

How did you hear about OfferPad?

(H) I saw the ad on television one evening. I went online right away, filled everything out and—boom! We had an instant offer!

What was the selling experience like with OfferPad?

(H) They make the entire process so easy. The closing date is flexible and the moving company was super efficient and very professional. We couldn’t get over the fact that we had access to as many boxes as we wanted and needed. We didn’t have to worry about having strangers coming through the house for showings. With OfferPad, there are no showings!

Were there any surprises along the way?

(H) Our real estate agent who sold us our home in Queen Creek would’ve loved to have been able to sell the home for us as well. She was disappointed that we decided to go with OfferPad, but by the time it was over, even she had become a fan. A skeptical fan, but still a fan!

What did you like most about selling to OfferPad?

(V) The customer service was very good and so was the moving company. The only bad part was because of us, because we were nowhere near being packed and ready to go on our moving day!

(H) The ease of the entire process. OfferPad appeals to people who value their time and want flexibility. We were able to decide when we wanted to close. It turned out that we needed to stay in our home slightly longer than we’d originally planned, but it didn’t matter because our closing date was flexible. My favorite part was the technology. I signed the offer right from my phone! There are so many aspects of real estate technology that OfferPad does exceptionally well. The experience was really something.