Homeowners looking for a better way to sell, should look to OfferPad

You have worked hard to own your home, so it’s no question that you want to make sure that you get a top price for it. OfferPad is unlike other real estate services you’ve used before, so it’s worth taking a second look at how OfferPad is empowering homeowners.

There is so much data around real estate and the values of homes. Not all data is equal, but it provides our real estate experts with useful insights into their buying decisions. Real estate professionals armed with quality data benefits homeowners in that they will receive the best possible purchase price for their home.

A seller’s market can change

Homeowners can benefit this year from the strong U.S. single-family housing market, but when everyone else has the same idea to sell their house at the same time, you have increased competition which means the tables have turned in favor of buyers. Factors that homeowners need to worry about are increasing interest rates, competitive homes for sale, and job market changes. There are additional factors that extend beyond your house. For instance, explosive urban growth affects the quality of life (e.g., construction, air quality and commute times) can increase the amount of time it takes to sell your home.

The housing market changes frequently, and prices of recently sold homes in your area affect the value of your home. Instead of predicting the right time to list your home for sale and crossing your fingers for the buyers to come, you could breathe a little easier by going through a direct home buyer like OfferPad. By requesting a free evaluation on your home directly, you’ll receive a no-obligation offer—if you’re not feeling ready, it’s no problem. We’re here to help when you are. These offers for your house never affect your credit since it’s never needed or pulled in the selling process.

The new way to sell your home

Unlike traditional real estate, OfferPad enables busy families to keep their privacy and schedule in-tact. Traditional selling often means cleaning the house and keeping it show-ready for visitors at the least convenient times. OfferPad also eliminates the emotional ups and downs when a buyer’s financing falls through or simply gets cold feet. OfferPad makes competitive offers to purchase homes and makes the entire process easy and transparent.

Why would you sell your home to a direct home buyer? OfferPad provides sellers many perks to make it the ultimate selling experience. They provide a hands-on consultant that keeps you apprised throughout the process, complimentary home inspection, and even free moving services. If you itemize these included benefits, it would cost homeowners who sold traditionally more than if they got the “market” price.

You don’t have to be ready to sell now – OfferPad gives homeowners the option to sell their home within 5-90 days.