Couples and Cohabiting – What to discuss before moving day

Moving in together is a big decision for a couple, especially if you are purchasing a new home. It’s also a great opportunity to create a really strong foundation for your relationship; while you know your partner really well at this point, you don’t ever really know a person until you live with them. From now on, all your home decisions will be decided by committee, so make sure you have aired your dirty laundry in advance.

To keep love in the air as you combine your household, OfferPad, a leading direct home buyer, has put together some discussion topics to tackle with your significant other before the big move.

Clean vs. clutter

Are you a neat freak and need to make sure the dishes are done before you can rest? Or can you turn a blind eye to a messy house? Do you hate clutter, or are you a pack rat? Living with someone who has a different comfort level to a messy home can work, but you need to lay some ground rules in advance. It’s tough for one partner to shoulder all the housekeeping, so make sure to clearly delineate who is responsible for what chore – you cook, they do dishes, or one person does the floors while the other tackles the bathroom – before you sign papers on a dual residence.

Design aesthetic

Are you a lover of modern simplicity, while your partner lives for French revival? Or do you like shabby chic, and the other half prefers to put together Ikea? While your love of a certain style or even a particular piece of furniture may not seem like a big deal prior to cohabitating, it can have a big impact on the overall design of each room. Consider planning out the space in advance or dividing and conquering who gets to take the lead on designing each room. You may find yourself falling in love with a new design aesthetic and even more in love with your #2.

Double up or do over?

Moving in typically means there is an overabundance of everything from dishes and small appliances to artwork and dining room tables. Before you take the plunge for a single address, go through each household and figure out what pieces are most important, and what excess items can be rehomed. This will save headaches on moving day and reduce the time spent packing, as well as the storage of, unused items. As a bonus, you’ll get to host an amazing yard sale.

Keep an open mind

One of the best things about moving in together is the opportunity to shop for your home. Your first home together has a ton of sentimental meaning, but don’t get stuck on finding the “perfect place.” Home shopping can be stressful, especially for people just starting the cohabiting journey, but keeping an open mind when looking at houses can alleviate that stress. You want the perfect home for you as a couple, and sometimes that means compromising on size or location, or it can mean looking at a house that has great bones, but will take a little sweat equity to make it your dream.

Goodbye bachelor pad

Your previous residence may be an apartment, a dorm room, or even a crash pad at your parents’ house. If you do own a residence, you likely want to sell quickly to move in with your loved one. OfferPad can help – they make it simple, fast and convenient for you to sell your home. All you need to do is request an offer online and within 24 hours OfferPad will provide you with a value and terms. Better yet, you pick your closing date – anywhere from 5 to 90 days – so you can start living with BAE ASAP.

Your first home together marks the beginning of an exciting journey, but it can be bumpy if you don’t consider the big things first. Taking the time to review what is most important for each person first will help ensure a smooth start to cohabiting.