Great things happen when customer service and innovation come together

In 2009, the real estate industry brought Brian Bair and Jerry Coleman together. And the duo has since worked with thousands of families collectively buying and selling over 100,000 homes. But in 2015, they had an idea.

Taking the years of experience they had in working with clients to successfully sell their homes and help make their dreams a reality, they saw firsthand that even with all of the excitement and joy, the process of buying and selling still had its fair share of inconveniences and stresses. And the main source of the stress was the unpredictability of the sale.

Brian and Jerry knew the process could be dramatically more efficient, and so they set out to create a service that would allow homeowners to direct the entire home-selling experience. This new customer-centric service became OfferPad, and it put home selling on the homeowner’s terms.

Homeowners are ready for a better way to sell

Within just one year, thousands of families across five states, had taken advantage of the platform to sell their homes — demonstrating the customer experience side of selling a home was ready to be imagined. And his new way of home selling is catching on and leading to nods from the business community. In fact, the 2017 American Business Awards just recognized OfferPad with two Stevie Awards: a Silver Stevie for the Startup of the Year in Consumer Services, and a Bronze Stevie in the category of Most Innovative Company of the Year.

The OfferPad team is honored by these recognitions and knows the ability to provide homeowners with the ultimate home selling experience is made possible by our hard-working and passionate team as well as our customers for believing in this new way of selling a home.