How OfferPad helped a Florida woman reclaim her health

While stopped at a light, 51-year-old dialysis nurse, Amanda Poore, was injured in a near-fatal car accident. Poore, who was nearly paralyzed, recalls, “I’d come to a stop before making a left-hand turn when a car hit me from behind. The driver was going 55 miles per hour. The impact was so hard I thought I was going to die.”

She would undergo seven lumbar surgeries to correct the damage that was caused, but the relief she desperately needed always eluded her. Based in Michigan at the time, Poore recounts, “With each surgery I thought I’d finally be healed, but the pain was still unbearable. It was a hardship for me to do everyday things, like get myself out of bed or drink a cup of coffee.”

Other factors contributed to her debilitating pain as well. “Michigan winters are brutal. The freezing cold weather didn’t help my condition and I knew I couldn’t take another snow storm. It was too much for me,” she says.

In hopes of a warmer climate bringing her some relief, Poore packed her car and headed to Florida with her daughter and six dogs, where she purchased a home in the Tampa suburb of Port Richey. “I bought a beautiful single-family house with a swimming pool and a nice yard. It was a lovely home,” says Poore.

With her daughter on-hand to help maintain the home, she could manage. However, once her daughter moved out, taking care of it herself—something she thought she could handle—would be far too hard for her.

“I loved my home, but I needed a place that I was able to maintain physically. So as difficult as the decision was for me, I knew I’d have to sell it,” notes Poore. But just as they had before, Poore’s physical limitations would prevent her from keeping the home show-ready for potential buyers.

“I worked with a real estate agent at first. It was a difficult experience because sometimes there’d be several showings in one day. I’d have to keep the floors and the pool clean, move my dogs into another room; it was hard for me to handle physically.” she says.

While watching television one evening, Poore saw a commercial that would bring her the solution she needed. “I saw OfferPad’s commercial that night and I knew I had to call them the next day,” she says.

Within hours of contacting OfferPad, Poore received a competitive offer on her home. “It was a worry-free process from start to finish. It’s unbelievable how they took care of everything for me. It seems like as soon as they presented me with an offer and did the inspection, I was setting up my closing date and it was all over!”

Perhaps the most impactful part of her experience, though, was the people. “Everybody at OfferPad was professional and compassionate. When they bought my house it was a relief. It made my life easier. They literally helped ease my pain. OfferPad was an answered prayer.”