Selling to OfferPad helped one family cut their daughter’s daily commute to work in half

When David and Sharron Milne purchased a home in San Tan Valley a decade ago, they’d done so with their daughter Roseanna, a second-grade teacher and single mother, in mind. Located in a then-remote part of the southeast valley, the home provided a comfortable place for her to live despite its off-the-beaten-path locale.

Milne says, “We bought the house for our daughter. It was in a nice neighborhood and she’d enjoyed living there overall, but there were some issues with the location. Our daughter had a terrific teaching job out in Casa Grande. But making such a long drive each day wasn’t easy for her. When all the building started happening, she was spending more than an hour one-way getting to work,” she says.

Roseanna decided once school let out for the summer, she’d move to nearby Chandler.

Milne recalls, “We were happy about having decided to sell the house because it would take her commute of more than one hour down to 25 minutes! But the thought of listing the home for sale and having people trampling in and out all day was overwhelming to us,” says Milne.

Keeping it show-ready for agents and buyers further added to her apprehension of taking the traditional selling route. Time constraints—they would need to sell before school started—also presented concerns for the family.

“We couldn’t wait around for months for the house to sell and knew we needed a solution that would be quick.” The Milnes would find their answer after seeing a commercial for OfferPad. “I saw the commercial then went online and filled out an offer request. From my first contact with them, I didn’t feel any pressure. Everyone at OfferPad seemed sincere; like they truly wanted to make my experience easier,” she says.

OfferPad would also save her money, not charging for smaller repair items that could have added up, such as caulking around sinks and bathtubs, as well as a new pan for the water heater. “They could have charged us, but they chose not to. The service they provided was excellent.”

Milne says the icing on the cake was when they moved her daughter for free. “The movers were so careful with everything. They covered the floor with plastic and padded the walls and banisters to prevent damage. They were very detailed. The time and money we saved with OfferPad was more than worth it—we were tickled pink!”