How much is a picture worth when selling your home?

Our team of real estate professionals at OfferPad have stepped foot into thousands of properties throughout their careers and possess a wealth of experience in buying and selling homes.

When you request a purchase offer from a direct homebuyer like OfferPad, we want to give you the most competitive offer possible, and a great selling experience.

Every offer we make is based on current market conditions, comparable properties, and the property’s location. However, we know these things don’t always tell the whole story about a house—and we’ve discovered a couple of interesting trends after purchasing thousands of homes.

Uploading photos results in higher-priced offers

We’ve observed that when sellers upload photos, they’re 37 percent more likely to sell their home to OfferPad. Photos enable our real estate experts to provide more competitive full-cash offers on houses. Imagine if you wanted to make an offer on a car on Craigslist—it would be difficult to do that without seeing what it looked like first, wouldn’t it? Including photos with your purchase offer improves the amount you receive for your home.

What’s more, we’ve found those who include photos with their request for an offer, pay 24 percent less in credits and repairs on their properties. This means they receive a higher offer without doing anything other than providing photos of their house—pretty sweet!

So, if you know you could easily benefit from doing something as simple as uploading photos of your home, why would you not?

How to take great photos of your home

You likely have a very powerful camera with you—your smartphone. While it might seem intimidating to take pictures of your home and send them off to be analyzed, you can feel confident in knowing that nobody sees them except our team of real estate experts who use them to strictly to prepare an offer for your house.

When you provide photos to us, send us your top eight and include rooms and areas such as the back yard, entryway, kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. Here are several tips on how to take great pictures of your home:

  • Utilize natural light—Opening the windows, drapes and blinds to let natural light fill the space will enhance the overall look of the room.
  • Keep your phone steady—Do your best not to move the phone when taking a photo. Optionally, you can steady your phone on a book, wall, or countertop.
  • Stand in the corner of the room—Show off the flooring, walls, and ceiling by positioning your camera up high and at a slight angle.
  • Shoot in landscape (sideways)—You’ll capture more of your home when turning your phone sideways and taking photos.
  • Focus on the farthest point of the room—To help your camera pick up more light, tap the screen to focus it toward the furthest point. This will lighten up the photo and everything will be in focus.

Keep in mind that we’re not examining your furniture or framed photos! Our objective is to get a clear idea of what your home looks like so we can provide you with the best offer possible.

Sell your home faster

If you’re thinking about selling your home soon, it’s as easy as entering your address and telling us about your house; when you do, you’ll save yourself the stress of traditional selling. With OfferPad, you can sell your home faster and stay in control of exactly when you close. You’ll get a free local moving package and you’re always supported by a friendly customer success team. Begin your purchase offer today!