Homeowners have discovered how to sell their home fast

Real estate is not unlike other industries that have experienced disruptive innovation such as automotive, telecom, or energy, except the typical real estate experience hasn’t changed much in the past 50 years. The reality is that it’s still painful to sell your house. Direct home buyers like OfferPad leverage technology and people to deliver a top-notch selling experience.

Ask anyone who has sold their home. Selling a house is difficult because the homeowner needs to balance their schedule, pick up the kids, take the dog or cat somewhere, all just for prospective buyers to walk through a home. Homeowners will tell you that showings are a big deal and it’s hard for busy families to just get up and out on a moment’s notice.

People want a fair and competitive price for their home, but they don’t want to lose sleep over the sale. The real estate industry should embrace any technology or service that shortens the time to purchase or sell a home, not impede it. We believe there’s an easier way to sell a home.

People value their time

Here are a few examples that demonstrate that people value their convenience include ridesharing, groceries, and on-demand entertainment.

  • Ridesharing: The rise of ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft amid existing taxicabs and public transit. Costs are estimated and presented to passengers before they request a ride. During peak times, these services are not the most affordable, but they are the most desired since riders feel safer and transparency into their route and how their fare was calculated.
  • Grocery shopping: No longer will you have to endure the 90 minutes to walk up and down aisles to fill your shopping cart. Now, you just need a few clicks on your phone or computer, and you can have your groceries available to pick up at a time of your choosing. Fry’s grocery stores across Phoenix have introduced ClickList for this on-demand shopping service, and this is just the beginning of a significant shift in the way we buy groceries.
  • On-demand entertainment: Gone are the days of collecting DVD box-sets in the age of Netflix. Nobody needs to watch 13 episodes of their favorite shows over a weekend, but they do, and they do so with shame pride. While some criticize Netflix for thinning their catalog, there’s no denying that consumers enjoy watching TV and movies on their schedule, not when the networks decide to air them.

In these examples, the biggest change seen from innovators is that the consumer is at the core of their experience. People want to maintain autonomy in their decisions, leverage more data, and ultimately save time and increase transparency.

Alright, back to real estate.

The future of real estate

This is a bit scary for some to accept: The real estate industry won’t dictate its future. You will. Real estate processes will continue to improve and revolve around the customer’s interests both tangible and intangible.

More specifically, technology will improve the customer experience from selling a home to buying a home, to everything in between. Imagine the ideal customer experience: a buyer purchases a great value home that will last them decades, and a seller can sell their home at a competitive price all without stress or uncertainty. Everybody wins.

Simplified selling is here

OfferPad delivers a better way to sell your home without any interruptions or hassles. Homeowners only need to enter basic information about their home and the next day, they’ll receive an offer. The offer is completely free and there’s no obligation to move forward if you don’t want to. This customer-centric experience blends the best of technology and personalized service, resulting in an expedited and efficient way to sell your home.

For those who plan to sell their home within the next few months, try OfferPad to experience the ultimate home selling experience.