Sell your home this summer (then take a vacation)

Don’t let your home hold you back from enjoying the best of what summer has to offer. Hoping for the perfect buyer can keep you up at night when you want to sell your home. Selling a home isn’t always so easy: inconvenient home showings, costly repairs and hassles.

You have better ways to spend the summer.

The truth about selling a home

Selling a home is a hassle. Not to mention that all the visitors who will peek over your fence and through your windows whether you’re home or not, you’ll have a lot of cleaning to do. Keeping an empty kitchen sink, vacuumed carpet and squeaky-clean windows are all vital to not scaring away potential buyers. Are you ready for all that?

Some people might suggest before the summer is a good time to sell their home. The truth is that there’s no “perfect” time to sell a home because there are a variety of reasons why people sell and buy homes. If someone is buying, then someone is selling, and homes are in demand year-round.

Take the vacation you deserve

You’ve worked hard to own your home and take care of it. It wasn’t always easy, but you’ve earned it. Now is a good time to think about the best vacation you want to give your family and take it with the equity you’ve built. When you sell your home, you can move into another that is right-sized for your lifestyle, and you can take the ultimate vacation.

It’s beneficial for you to take a vacation. Not only will you improve your health, but you will also return happier and more relaxed, so you can take on any number of challenges that life throws your way. If you haven’t had a vacation in a while, now could be a great time to take one.

No matter if you’re planning a staycation at a local resort, a beach getaway, or a mountainous family road trip. Maybe go all-out and take a cruise on the high seas. It’s hard to kick your feet up and relax if you have to sell your home when you return.

New way to sell your home fast

Could you sell your home and still have time to take a summer vacation? You can by exploring your options with a direct home buyer like OfferPad. All you need to provide is some basic information about your home, and they’ll send you a competitive purchase offer for your home. You won’t have any open houses or have any uncertainty that the sale will fall through.

Selling a home is a sport that requires mental and physical preparation. Not everyone wants to go through with a 100, 120 or even 140-day process just to sell and close on their home they no longer want. Homeowners who sell their home to OfferPad get to choose when they close on the sale of their home, so they can move when they want. They can receive a free and no-obligation purchase offer for their home.