Selling a home during the holidays doesn’t have to be hard

The holidays have gained a reputation for being one of the worst possible seasons to sell a home, with November through February among the slowest, most lackluster months. Deemed “the dark ages of real estate,” properties sold during this time account for a mere 26 percent of homes sold over the course of a year.

Whether homeowners experience a barrage of showings or none at all, the undue stress and uncertainty that comes with the holiday home selling process is about the only thing a seller can count on—or is it?

Thanks to OfferPad, it doesn’t have to be. When you sell your home to OfferPad, you get the freedom and convenience of choosing your moving date and your closing date. OfferPad also provides you with the flexibility to stay in your home up to three days after its been sold. You can skip all the stress, hassle and inconvenience of the traditional selling process and move when you are ready—even after the new year. With OfferPad, you won’t have to add a for sale sign to your outdoor décor, or have strangers interrupt your holiday festivities for showings.

Utah homeowner, Donald Maxwell, says, “Selling our home to OfferPad was so convenient. We didn’t have to paint or replace the carpet and the roof, and all the other things we would have needed to do to sell it. There was no price haggling. We were able to move into our new place and get it decorated in time for the holidays. It was unbelievably fast and easy!”

Have a happy holiday, and if you need to sell your home, give yourself the gift of the OfferPad experience.