Homeowners turn to simple and direct home sales for added convenience

Who calls up a taxi in a world with Uber and Lyft? Much like the ridesharing industry underwent a dramatic change in rider’s preferences in less than a decade, real estate is transforming in a way that is more friendly to consumers.

Homeowners value their time especially if they have kids or pets since they have more obligations to look after than only themselves. A typical home sale takes a significant amount of time to complete, which often includes visitors making last-minute appointments to tour your home. It’s hard enough cleaning when your friends and family visits, let alone for discriminating buyers who will likely have an issue with your taste in window treatments or lamp shades.

Homeowners consider their time as currency

A typical real estate sale involves a lot of uncertainty. When will you close? When will you be able to move? When do you get paid? These questions don’t sit well with many homeowners because selling your home is actually one of the largest transactions they’ll make in their life. It’s healthy to feel a little uneasy about it. Even the most excited homebuyers can experience friction along the way including pre-qualification, closing, the appraisal, or simply getting cold feet at the eleventh hour. Some home sales can be completed swiftly, but many sales take too long and can become a major source of stress and anxiety.

It’s no wonder that homeowners would welcome a more streamlined way to sell their home. Homeowners want to receive a fair offer for their home that enables them to focus on either buying their next home or focusing on what matters most in their life.

A smarter option to sell your home

OfferPad cuts through all the hassles of selling homes by purchasing directly from homeowners. As a direct home buyer, they make the process incredibly easy.

First, you enter some basic information about your home at OfferPad.com. Then, a team of real estate experts will evaluate your offer request as well as do a comparative market analysis (CMA). You receive an offer within one business day. Upon accepting the offer, you pick your close date (anytime within 5–90 days) and select if you want the Free Local Move option. After you electronically sign a purchase agreement, an OfferPad Homeowner Consultant will work with you on next steps to closing day.

This process is transparent, honest, and is focused on homeowners. The freedom to sell a house on a particular date and gracefully transition into their next house is attractive. And there are no open houses or home-showings!

Traditionally, selling homes was difficult since the real estate transactional data was often difficult for homeowners and prospective buyers to access. Now, the data is available to direct home buyers and homeowners, so they can determine the right price to purchase the house, ensuring homeowners get the most for it with a higher degree of confidence.

Direct home buyers like OfferPad save homeowners a significant amount of time and money since they provide owners a transparent price without any additional headaches, DIY projects to go wrong or extra mortgage payments to pay.

When you want the ultimate home selling experience, simply enter your address on OfferPad.com to get started.