A veteran real estate agent shares the benefits of OfferPad

All the recent talk of OfferPad posing a threat to the traditional model of real estate leaves one to speculate just how much truth there is to this sentiment. Although headlines have appeared citing the company is disrupting the industry and many agents are uncertain of whether the tech-based real estate company will affect their business, one agent knows for herself the benefits OfferPad provides.

Kathy Bliss Porter, who’s been selling real estate throughout the greater Phoenix area for more than 14 years, says, “My agent friends were surprised when I began working for OfferPad and they didn’t really like that I was working here. But a lot of that negative response was because they didn’t understand the major advantage we provide, not just for homeowners, but for agents, too. There’s plenty of business for everybody.”

Just as she’d done as a top selling agent, in her role as a buyer-seller liaison at OfferPad, Porter brings value and service to customers. “I really feel I’m here to deliver great customer service to homeowners. I love that I get to help them feel comfortable about the process. There are a lot of homes that aren’t ready to be listed. And people can’t always afford to do everything that needs to be done to get their house ready. Good agents do what’s best for their clients. Sometimes the traditional selling process is right for people. But many times, the better choice is to refer them to OfferPad.”

With most homeowners juggling work and school schedules, pets and extra-curricular activities, showing a home can be a major obstacle. Porter says, “Many of the of the people I work with have a lot of kids and a lot of pets. People don’t realize how inconvenient it is to try and show your home with these kinds of conflicts. OfferPad is so convenient, we do fast closings for people. It’s almost effortless.”

As OfferPad expands into additional markets—the company recently announced its launch in Atlanta—more homeowners than ever will have access to OfferPad’s home-selling solution. And more real estate agents will see the benefits of the service they bring to their customers. Porter says, “There are so many agents reaching out to us now. They want to hear more about OfferPad and get on board with how we’re helping homeowners. There’s a need and a purpose for OfferPad. When I tell customers how quickly they can close and move, they’re just astounded! They say, ‘I can really close in two weeks and you pay for my move?’ I love how happy we get to make people!”