Selling Simplified: OfferPad eases couple’s urban return

After living in Casa Grande for more than a decade, homeowner Robin B. and her husband, Bryan, were ready for a change of scenery. They contacted a real estate agent who assured them they’d have no problem selling their home. Anxious to return to their urban roots, the couple purchased a 1930s-era home in a historic neighborhood near downtown Phoenix, but not everything went as planned. Despite the agent’s optimism about a quick sale, their home in Casa Grande would sit on the market for months, with barely any showings. Unsure of what to do, the couple searched for an alternative home-selling solution.

What prompted you to sell your home? My husband and I lived in Casa Grande for more than a decade as it was close to our jobs. But we really missed the city life, so we decided to buy a home in Phoenix. Once we signed the paperwork on our new place, selling our home in Casa Grande became an even higher priority because we didn’t want to carry two mortgages.

How did you approach the selling process? We listed our home the traditional way. We wound up spending a lot of money on making small improvements, like replacing light fixtures and having the windows, tile and grout professionally cleaned. We bought new throw rugs, we had our home staged: it became a very time-consuming process. To make matters worse, we weren’t having any luck attracting a buyer. The entire experience was stressful and expensive.

How did selling to OfferPad compare with the traditional home selling experience? I don’t even know where to start. Selling to OfferPad was fast and easy. We tried selling the traditional way at first and had worked with two different real estate agents, but it just wasn’t working out. We spent a lot of money on improvements and still could not sell our home. When the listing expired, we decided the traditional selling process wasn’t for us and wanted to see if we could find an alternative. I just wanted the process to be done—and that’s how it was once we found OfferPad! From the time we made that first phone call to the time we closed, it was a total of three weeks—it was wonderful!

How did you hear about OfferPad? My husband was listening to the radio and an OfferPad commercial came on. When he told me about it, we decided to give them a call. Because of the way things had been going, by the time we learned about OfferPad, we were so ready to try something different!

Would you recommend OfferPad to friends and family? I recommend OfferPad to everyone and if we ever sell a home again, we will sell to OfferPad. Had I known how much time we could have saved ourselves, we would have called them before ever listing our home. I’m so grateful my husband heard the OfferPad commercial—it made a huge difference!