What is an ‘iBuyer’?

Offerpad, along with others in this revolutionary space of real estate, are often referred to as an “iBuyer”. So, what really is an iBuyer and how does a home seller determine the best one for their situation?

Inman Connect has categorized iBuyers as investors that use automated valuation models (AVMs) and other technology to make quick offers on homes, close in days and then resell them. In fact, today Inman recognized iBuyers (including OfferPad) as the 2017 Inman Person of the Year!

The disruption in the real estate industry has created new options for consumers; however, this also poses questions and can often be misinterpreted as an investment company that’s going to fix and flip your precious home.

At Offerpad, we want to alleviate the unknown for the home seller and home buyer. The advantage of knowing within 24 hours what your personalized offer is of your home, provides an immediate sense of empowerment. You are in control starting the first day and our Customer Success Representatives are here to guide you through a process that works best for your specific situation. Do you need to close in 10 days to not miss out on another home? 87 days to relocate to another state? Offerpad will work to ensure you are empowered when selling your home, one of the most important assets of your life.

Offerpad is categorized as a iBuyer, but know that we are so much more. We use owned-technology, along with decades of real estate human-experience, so we can offer you the max amount of money possible in your transaction.

“We understand the home buyer and seller better than anyone in the industry. The stresses and friction points that people endure during this transaction, can easily become a nightmare. Offerpad has launched new features to create an end-to-end seamless experience, such as Instant Access and agent-on-demand. Wait until you see what we have in the works!” – Brian Bair, Offerpad co-founder.